Article. 1 – The Fifteenth Edition of CINEAMAZÔNIA – Latin American Festival of Environmental Film Festival, will be held in the city of Porto Velho, Rondonia, Brazil, from 17 to 21 October 2017.


Article.2 – The CINEAMAZÔNIA aims, disseminate, distribute and display audiovisual, short, medium and feature films works of fiction, documentary, animation and experimental, produced anywhere in the world, each participant can enter up to 3 (three) movies / videos , made from 2014 .

Sole Paragraph: The CINEAMAZÔNIA clarifies that despite being highlighted environmental issues, promoting discussion and reflection around environmental causes, the Festival is open to the entry of any theme and production of gender.


Article. 3 – Are able to register films produced in any format.

Article 4 -Registration will be open during the period from May 30 to July 30, 2017, aiming the pre-selection process for the Competitive Exhibition, through Required Fill, and the REGISTRATION FORM, available in the site (

§1º – Is Required send the film exclusively via Internet and should be done through the platform:, vimeo, youtube, dropbox. and/or other similar digital media. The uploaded file must necessarily be compressed / zipped .
§ 2º-It is mandatory to send via upload in the online registration process, at least one image of the submitted film in Jpeg format (jpg), minimum resolution of 300 dpi, approximate dimensions of 15 X 10 cm, RGB, for inclusion in the catalog and promotion of the festival.
§ 3º – In no event rates or viewing rights will be paid to the films entered, selected or invited to the festival.
§ 4º – Narrated films in English, Spanish and other foreign language, which contain dialogue, narration, music or chart should be sent, with obligatorily Portuguese subtitles

Article 5 – Applications will be accepted only be productions that have not been classified in previous editions of this festival.

Article 6 -All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Article 7– All films sent to CINEAMAZÔNIA make up its permanent collection, and may, at the discretion of the Festival, to be used in cultural and environmental exhibits, in traveling activities, national or international events , always non-profit , with free admission .


Article 8 -Producers/Directors of the selected works that compete for CINEAMAZONIA Competitive Show will be informed of the result of the selection by the organizing committee and its selection will also be posted on site .

Article 9 – The Coordination of CINEAMAZÔNIA reserves the right to invite, directors and feature films, which can contribute to the quality of the event and the discussion of environmental issues .

Article 10 – The Selection Committee, indicated by CINEAMAZONIA organizers will select, among the works entered, those who participate in the competitive screening, with full autonomy to disqualify them, which according to his judgment, do not fit in the CINEAMAZONIA selection criteria or do not meet the requirements of this Regulation.

SINGLE PARAGRAPH: The works selected for the Competitive Exhibition of CINEAMAZÔNIA fully accept the terms of this Regulation and may not withdraw, at any time, from their projection at the respective festival.

Article 11 – Is forbidden the participation in the commission of pre-selection, in the Official Jury or in CINEAMAZONIA the organizational structures of individuals or legal entities with any connection with productions which entered in the Festival .


Article 12 – All participants (film and video) will equally compete for the Trophy Mapinguari, in the following categories: documentary, animation, fiction and experimental.

Article 13 – Will be constituted a jury with members from among renowned audiovisual and environmental performance, and will be coordinated by a president, responsible for the minutes of meetings, with the final and binding decisions will be made. The competing films the following awards:

Award for Best Feature Film Documentary – Trophy Mapinguari
Competition for Short and Medium Film:
Award Danna Merril: Best Documentary
Major Reis Award: Best Animation
Victor Hugo Award: Best Fiction
Award Manoel Rodrigues Ferreira: Best Experimental
Chico Mendes Award: Best Screenplay
Indigenous Peoples Prize in Rondonia : Best Soundtrack
Silvino Santos Award : Best Picture
Capo Award (Maurice Capovilla): Language Award
Best Editing Award
Best DirectorAward
Best ActorAward
Best Actress
Thiago de Mello Award: Popular Jury – Trophy Hope
Rondonia Video competition:
Award LidioSohn – Best Production of Rondonia

§ 1º -The films feature films sent to CINEAMAZONIA compete , so only in the category of DOCUMENTARY (Best Feature Film Documentary);
 § 2º – Will be accepted other awards and honors offered by national or international institutions, if previously approved by the Festival, the choice and delivery of them the responsibility of institutions that propose.


Article 14 – The organization of the Festival reserves the right to display, without charge, in Cinema and Television, and other means of dissemination, extract the works selected for the festival publicity purposes .

Article 15 – The Organizing Committee of the Festival is not responsible for images and/or third-party music used in the entries, and that any burden by copyright property rights issues will fall exclusively on the producer / director of the video.

Article 16 – The participating works will be displayed, for an indefinite period in cinemas, non-commercial sessions , and cultural activities promoted by CINEAMAZONIA, including itinerant activities, unless expressly restricted by its director/producer.
Sole Paragraph: The restriction should be submitted in proper form to CINEAMAZONIA organization.

Article 17 – By filling out the registration form available on the site, this procedure binds the participants, agreed to all the terms of this Regulation .

Article 18 – Omissions in this Regulation will be reviewed by CINEAMAZONIA organization.

Article 19 –  The CINEAMAZÔNIA festival is a member of the Forum of Festivals and the Green Film Network.

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